How did or can we capture the moments of "normality" collapsing? How are we  designing the "return"? And how will longterm effects and repercussions shape the life "after"?

Through sensations and emotions, the exhibition takes you on a journey of collective experience. It sets out to gather materiality, bodies, faces, voices, thoughts, opinions and feelings on how the pandemic is affecting today's personal as well as shared cultures.

CORONA CULTURE - WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! explores the complex, disorientating, paralyzing as well as impelling viral shift and closely examines how it is manifesting in our minds, bodies and actions.

The state of both the individual as well as society has been profoundly impacted by the current pandemic. A feeling of mass synchronicity froze time for each and every one of us and has opened a powerful space to pause for a moment and reflect. 

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