A multifaceted exploration of human connections, lust, love and desires. From online dating and multiple partners, to falling madly in love and getting engaged, to the camgirl industry and sex positive parties, this investigation of core human bonds and relationships challenges social norms, morals and feelings, depicting the climate of lingering corona love.


Culture is the practice of relating. It is part of everyone’s life, from sacred rituals, to food, music, parties and celebrations, from a very personal level to a national and even meta level. This soulful experience is now threatened by social restrictions, new norms and constructs. We would like to hear a broad range of ideas and opinions, shedding light on the ways this pandemic is barricading our previous cultural ways, practices and habits, constraining the cultural sector to reflect and develop in new ways.


As this global pandemic affects each and everyone of us, spreading like wildfire and closing down borders, the world experiences a synchronized shutdown, confining people to their home. Here we dive into how the current developments create cracks in the system that reshuffle our plans, redefine our values shake up our perception of what is possible.

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