We would like to invite you to submit a (previously completed or planned) piece addressing this

time of radical transformation and sharing your perspective on WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!

 We are an independent Berlin-based collective that wants to explore the cultural impact of the pandemic by showcasing work from a wide range of artists, thinkers, makers and shapers.


As we are transitioning into a post-pandemic era, we all have the opportunity as well as the responsibility to actively shape the “New Normal”. We would like to ask you to reflect on this time: how it has impacted our rights, our values, our relationships, and our structured environments. Let’s open a space to new dimensions in sharing and exchanging memories and projections. Our vision is to gather diverse accounts of the collectively experienced and seemingly glitched moment in time.


Responding to the pandemic and looking into the near and far future, we encourage you to engage with it through different artistic or discursive approaches and interpretations. Formats may range from performance, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, printmaking, intermedia, digital, animation, lecture, debate to workshops and many more.


You can participate both with works that you created during the lockdown as well as those from previous years, as long as they relate to this new reality - and perhaps even ripened with the current developments. We are super excited to receive your project application! 

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